October 30, 2017

Always been a huge fanatic of the Batman movie franchise, still immersed with the “Dark knight” and the way Nolan delivered three master pieces. On my new born excitement to experience roleplaying batman and guard Gotham from the evil threats, I chose to play “Batman:...

September 20, 2017

Flappy Dunk from Voodoo games,is an endless basketball shot-making game where every time the challenge is to beat your own high score. This is a pretty simple yet engaging game, a potential time killer during wait times in long queues.

Tap it and Hop it – The only contr...

September 8, 2017

Papers, please is a game that emulates fun in an unusual way. Player is a border checkpoint officer of an impoverished communist nation in the early 80’s located somewhere in the east of Berlin and west of Beijing. It also has a sense of reward and punishment that hook...

September 7, 2017

“JRUMP”, is indeed a good idea from a bad idea. The team from New Zealand wanted to deliver a game which addresses the scenario surrounding the American politics with a satirical approach which has been claimed to be “Not to be taken seriously”. The ga...

September 6, 2017

Naughty Dog, pushes boundaries in all dimensions with their Uncharted franchise. Uncharted 4 is not an exception to it and is a technical prowess portrayal. In this article we would discuss some of the highlights of the game play, technical aspects and the narrative ex...

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Vivek is a UX/UI designer from India. He is currently located in Vancouver. He likes to play a lot of games, a movie critic, and a writer. With this blog, he would be writing his experiences of different games he plays highlighting the best points in them. To know more about him visit www.vivekravi.com

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