Uncharted 4 - Let's visit thief's end

September 6, 2017


Naughty Dog, pushes boundaries in all dimensions with their Uncharted franchise. Uncharted 4 is not an exception to it and is a technical prowess portrayal. In this article we would discuss some of the highlights of the game play, technical aspects and the narrative experience that Uncharted 4: Thief’s end provided.


Uncharted 4, carries with itself an elevated treasure hunt game play experience with well established plot, characters, larger maps, environments and the game play mechanics very much better than the previous installments. The story is written very well and the dots are laid at proper points through the plot, and its an challenging, immersive, engaging experience to connect them to know the mystery behind the pirate thief’s. Special mention to the establishment of love between Nate and his brother, Nate and his lover. The game has potential chapters which empathizes the depth their relationship and their never give up on each other attitude for the love they carry. The chapter which unties the truth behind a secret underlying between the brothers and their reaction to the situations with a high-octane chase sequence is top notch.




The prologue chapter provides the necessary hook for the players to get into the game, directly taking the players into an immersive, action filled treasure seeking adventure. The chapter also teaches the player some essential abilities of Nate, which the player can use in further chapters for surviving such intense conditions. It was interesting to have this as the opener, which gives no spoiler clues of what is coming but intrigues the player to know of what happened before leading to that point and what could happen further.


I would say that the flashback chapter showing Nate and Drake as young kids, with Drake getting Nate free from the asylum is the best part in game play that teaches all the necessary skills to the player, which involves a challenging and intuitive design. Apparently, when the hideout, climbing tall structures, sliding down slopes gets more difficult through the game play, this chapter makes the player believe when an younger Nate could do it, of course the grown up one should be able to. This is a top-notch design which hits the emotions of the player and drives the game play more immersive.




Though the story is very long, it has been broken into proper pieces with Nate finding the bread crumbs at right moments leading to the discovery of the pirate treasure. The environment has been constructed very well to provide hidden hints and at no points loosing on going down on adventurous UX. The interaction mechanics of different environmental elements with Nate is very impressive and realistic. The wind, water, fire, smoke are some elements that standout for the effective usage of them at right places.


The hint system is designed not to be very leading and at the same time help the player when he is lost on what to do next. One improvement on this could have been a feedback of how long it would take for us to get an hint or use any economy to get an hint. The reason being, there are moments in the game where the player is completely lost in solving different kinds of puzzle and gets frustrated to wait for the hint to help. The use of narrative dialogues from other characters in different situations is an interesting design for providing hints.


If you want to have a complete experience, do not skip on the cinematic cut scenes. Although some of the cut scenes are a bit longer, they build up the needed plot and some of them provides clues as well. Special mention on the seamless transition between the game play and the cinematic. Good job on that.




The AI used delivers a new color to the game, as the AI keeps taking different forms through the chapters. To build upon the challenges the enemy troops also have AI support which helps to identify Nate making the stealth fail and improving the difficulty of combat situations. The design of different kinds of weapons, and using the right ones at the right time levels up the action sequences. Specially, the chase, shoot and rescue Drake chapter is the best action plot of the game and I guarantee one cant finish it at the first try. For all the weapons that Nate gets trained and used the game, the climax fight surprises us with a new combat style and a convincing one for the story as well.




Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End excels with a prolific storytelling and beautiful graphics. Ignoring some of the long chapters, it’s a well concluding payoff on completion of the game. On a nutshell, this thief’s end is a not to be missed gaming experience. I enjoyed playing it and pretty sure you will. Have fun !









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